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The fifth annual two day Roundup and Ranch Rodeos are happening on Saturday and Sunday, September 28th and 29th at the Rodeo Grounds and Community Center in Bowie.  All proceeds benefit the Montague County Child Welfare Board.

An exciting array of entertainment and exhibits highlight the event:  “Deep in the Heart of Texas” Ranch Rodeos on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon, Pokey the Clown WRCA Junior Ranch Rodeo (winners go to Amarillo for National Finals!), chuck wagon cooking and meals at lunch Saturday, trail ride and chuck wagon breakfast Saturday morning sponsored by the Montague County Cowboy Church,  Cowboy Christian Symposium, , bicycle race, vendors and exhibitors, great food, kids pedal tractor pull and Concert with Country and Western Legend Johnny Bush Saturday night. The weekend culminates with Cowboy Church on Sunday morning at the Center.   Events will be broadcast live on site from 10 to 12 at “The Ranch”, 95.9 on Saturday morning.

The Montague County Child Welfare Board is composed of volunteers that help abused and neglected kids in the county by meeting their needs for health, education, and welfare.  Extensive training and counseling is provided at Patsy’s House in Bowie for the kids, parents, and foster parents.  Clint Brown, Board Chairman, added “Without the support and help of our county’s citizens, we would not be able to provide the extent of services we give to these kids.   There is an epidemic in documented cases of abuse and neglect in our county, but our friends and neighbors have been fantastic in supporting our efforts to fight the drugs,  abuse,  and neglect that so sadly impact these kids.

You can support us by becoming a sponsor at any level.  Your donation will go directly to our many programs providing food, shelter, counseling, and training to meet these kids’ health, educational, social, and emotional needs.

If you can help in any way, enter a rodeo team, or become a vendor, please contact the Board at or call Clint Brown at 817 360 0317 .  Details of the Western Heritage Events may be found at and .



Press Release December 2012:

Montague Children Need Your Help

Montague county citizens have been overwhelming in their encouragement
and support of the abused and neglected children of our county served
by the Montague County Child Welfare Board.  We continue to work with
Texas Child Protective Services and over 110 children
every month, about half of whom have been taken away from their
parents due to the extensive abuse they have suffered.

Your support at this time of year especially is critical to allow us
to meet the Christmas needs of these kids, as well as provide for
their upcoming requirements as they recover from what they have been
through.  Many of you have  already made contributions and are
shopping for gifts for specific kids.  The greatest need now is for
gift cards for the older kids, who with foster parent guidance, can
shop for specific items they want and need.

The economy of the nation as a whole, and specifically that of
Montague County, is such that throughout the year the needs of the
kids and foster parents who care for them continue to increase.  Our
mission is to meet as many of their social, economic, educational, and
health needs as possible.

Your financial support is needed, and you may make a donation to the
Montague County Child Welfare Board at P. O.Box 343, Montague, Texas 76251
or contact us at

Press Release

October 18, 2012

Montague Children Need Christmas Help

The Montague County Child Welfare Board provides Christmas presents every year to over 100 Montague County abused and neglected children who comes to our attention directly or through the Texas Child Protective Services.  Presently there are 110 children on our list, with each child submitting a list of specific items they want for Christmas.  Our Board members and volunteers shop directly for these items, and wrap them for the kids for Christmas.  Without this, these kids would get little or no Christmas, and so this is our attempt to provide at least some level of normalcy to their lives.  They often ask for basic needs……. shoes, clothing, something for their parents or a brother or sister, and usually a small toy.

We usually plan to spend a set amount on each child, based on the age of the child.  For example, ages 0 to 3 years receive gifts totaling $60;  ages 4 to 7 gifts of $100; ages 8 to 12 gifts of $120; and ages 13 to 18 gifts of $170..

Unfortunately, this year many of our events were rained out at the Western Heritage Roundup in Bowie, which provides us half of our annual needed funds.   Since we are experiencing such a shortfall this year, rather than cut back on what we can do for these kids, we ask you if you would adopt a child and provide the funds we need to shop for their Christmas wishes.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated, and would play a significant part in making a kid feel loved and wanted at Christmas.

Please contact us at or call Clint Brown, Chairman, at 817/360-0317 and let us know if you can help.



Press Release


Phone: (940) 995 7261

or Clint Brown 817 360 0317




Last month the Montague County Child Welfare Board completed the

purchase of the Child Advocacy Center in Bowie, known locally

as “Patsy’s House”. The Board cooperated with its fundraising

partner, “Stop Child Abuse Today” a charitable organization, to

purchase the facility located at 506 Hulme Street.

Patsy’s House is staffed by professionals from Child Protective

Services and child counselors and used by law enforcement

investigators, medical and mental health professionals and

child advocates to provide support and protection to children

suspected of having been abused or neglected.

Funding for Patsy’s House was provided from fundraising events

sponsored by the Child Welfare Board, contributions from local

businesses and individuals, local charitable organizations,

including Bowie Chamber of Commerce, Knights of Columbus, Master

Gardeners, and a grant from The Priddy Foundation.

Patsy’s House will insure an ongoing benefit to Montague County

by providing a clean, safe, comfortable and secure location to

bring abused children for interviews and counseling. It also

facilitates the recruitment and training of foster parents, as

well as providing a location for law enforcement and child care

agencies to come together to train, plan, and organize programs

to help children in need.

Chairman Clint Brown of the Child Welfare Board added: “Thanks to

all of you who donated so generously to make this happen. This will

make a big difference in the lives of many kids who are in need of



PRESS RELEASE  August 15, 2011:

Montague County Western Heritage Roundup on September 24th and 25th

The newly formed Board of Directors of the county-wide Western
Heritage Roundup, is pleased to announce this third annual event.
Proceeds from this Roundup will go to the Montague County Child
Welfare Board, dedicated to helping abused and neglected children in
our county.  This two day tribute to our western heritage will be held
in Bowie and will feature a full slate of entertainment, food, and
shopping opportunities for the whole family.

On Saturday, September 24th, the new Bowie Community Center will
open at 8 AM with vendors offering a full array of western attire,
accessories, and ranching supplies, along with an assortment of
vendors offering goods for everyone’s taste.  The day will include
continuing performances at the Cowboy Music Symposium stage,  chuck
wagon lunches featuring 6 historic chuck wagons cooking on site and
serving authentic western food., horse training exhibitions, a sheep
dog exhibition, two childrens tractor pulls (one is Finals for the
State) and then concluding with the Pokey the Clown Junior Ranch Rodeo
at 2 PM and finally at 4 PM, the Deep in the Heart of Texas Ranch
Rodeo.  Many events will continue on Sunday, September 25th, including
the Ranch Rodeo at 2 PM.

Board member Van Baize commented “This is an opportunity for the
whole county to come together to have a great time and to support a
worthy cause – help for abused and neglected children of Montague
County.  Our county Child Welfare Board works hard to raise money to
furnish food, clothing, shelter, counseling, training, and overall
care for these needy kids.  Your support of this would be greatly

Board member and Sheriff Paul Cunningham added, “With the
devastating effects of meth  in our community, this provides needed
funds for programs to combat the destructive results of this drug
abuse.  The Sheriff’s Department works alongside the Child Welfare
Board helping these kids, and fully supports these efforts to raise
funds to help”

Other Roundup Board members include Tommy Fenoglio,  Allen
Heugator, Tommy Yowell, Laurie Martin, Al Garza, and Clint Brown.

Visit our website at for the full
slate of activities and times. To enter a rodeo team call Clint Brown
at 817 360 0317 .


Channel 6 Wichita Falls News Exclusive May 15, 2011

A video of this presentation is on the Channel 6 Website.

It’s a startling number, Patsy’s House, a children’s advocacy center sees almost 300 first time victims of child abuse every year.  To help children across Texoma the organization expanded to Montague County a few years back and now its expanding again.

A grand opening celebration was held at its new location in Bowie on Hulme Street.  They hope it serves as a refuge for children of abuse.

Outside the home balloons mark the bittersweet occasion and inside gadgets and toys fill rooms to serve one purpose.

“Children who have been abused and neglected can be interviewed, counseled, and prepared for court,” said Clint Brown, Chairman of The Montague County Child Welfare Board.

The Montague County Child Welfare Board is an organization that supports Patsy’s House a non-profit aimed at helping children recover from abuse.

“We don’t really like having to do the job we do,” said Blake Davis, Outreach Services Coordinator with Patsy’s House.  “We don’t want to see children get abused neglected or hurt but it happens and someone needs to be there to help the kids.”

Davis will run the new location in Bowie out of a home that simply feels like a home.  That is what they want a welcoming environment in order to help children share their traumatic experience.

“Our counselor room is set up with a lot of different toys.  Our counselor uses those for play therapy to work with the kids,” said Davis.

Officials say the children who come to Patsy’s House are from different environments and the use of drugs in the family home plays a factor.

“Drugs go hand and hand with all sorts of abuse, neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse as well mostly because mom and dad are just too high to notice what’s going on with their children,” said Keri Goins, Executive Director of Patsy’s House.

Patsy’s House says they can’t change what happened to the children, but hopefully what comes next.

The Montague County Child Welfare Board raises money for Patsy’s House through two events in September a gala and ranch rodeo in Bowie.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.

Press Release May 2, 2011

School Meth Program To Be Presented by Child Welfare Board

The Montague County Child Welfare Board is presenting a Meth Awareness Program “Meth – Not Even Once” at area schools.  This program was presented a couple of years ago, and was acclaimed as highly effective in warning students of the enormous dangers of addiction to methamphetamines,  even when tried only one time.

Presentations will be made to students ranging from the sixth grade through the twelfth, and will be in the form of a panel discussion, highlighted by videos illustrating the extreme dangers encountered during meth use.  Local minister Austin Wright will be the moderator, and the panel will consist of area residents who have seen and experienced first-hand the devastating effects of this drug.

Clint Brown, Chairman of the Montague County Child Welfare Board, pointed out that up to 90 % of abused and neglected children in our county, who are being helped by Child Protective Service (CPS), are connected with meth use by their parents or those around them.  Brown commented, “We’ve seen a large increase in children taken from meth-using parents, whose neglect of the kids and their actual exposure to meth, has greatly endangered their lives.”  The number of these at-risk children has grown to over 150 kids per month.  Over 70 of these kids have been removed from their homes due to this abuse.

Sheriff Paul Cunningham added, “It’s heartbreaking to see the appalling conditions some of these kids live in.  They’re often surrounded by an unsafe and unsanitary home environment, and even exposed to a residue of meth  in their skin and hair”  Sheriff Cunningham noted that arrests for meth use have been on the rise, and he’s seen a growing threat within Montague County.

School presentations will begin on May 5th in all Montague school districts and conclude on May 13th.

Press Release, April, 2011:

The Montague County Child Welfare Board will be hosting the “Heart Gallery” exhibit on Monday, April 11th at 6 PM at Tales ‘N’ Trails Museum, 1522 East Highway 82 in Nocona.  Don MacLaughlin, local artist and board member, will present a message about his personal experience being a foster parent and later adopting a foster child.

Each month, the number of children removed from their homes in Montague County due to abuse and/or neglect is staggering.  Some of the children are eventually reunited with their families.  However, others cannot be returned to their families and become available for adoption.

The “Heart Gallery” features professional portraits of Texas children waiting to be adopted.  The portraits will be on display throughout the county for a couple of weeks following this event.  For more information on the “Heart Gallery” exhibit, call Kristal Ferguson at 940.825.7057.

Please contact me if you need additional information.  On behalf of the board, we are thankful for the support of the newspapers in our county

Press Release August 15, 2010:
The following Press Release was submitted to the Nocona, Bowie, Saint Jo, and Shopper newspapers.

The Montague County Child Welfare Board Gala will be on September 18th at Daddy Sam’s in Nocona.  This is a fundraiser for the Montague County Child Welfare Board.  Eleven Hundred Springs will perform.  There will also be an auction by Mark Murphey.  The Montague County Child Welfare Board is self supported.  One of the major focuses in the upcoming year is to open a Child Advocacy Center for county use while continuing to focus on meth abuse awareness within Montague County.   Tickets are $50.00 each and may be purchased at the Nocona Chamber of Commerce office located in Tales ‘N’ Trails Museum in Nocona.  Please direct any questions to the chamber office at 825-3526.

PRESS RELEASE  August 31, 2010


The Montague County Child Welfare Board will hold its annual Rodeo and Gala in September.  On September 18th at Daddy Sam’s in Nocona, recording artists and popular Texas band “1100 Springs” will perform in a dinner/concert setting, with a silent and live auction benefiting abused and neglected children of Montague County. According to Gala Chairman Kristal Ferguson, “Funds from this Gala will go a long way in helping foster parents and kids who really need some support at this difficult stage of their lives”.  Tickets are $50 each, and proceeds go to provide health, educational, and basic care needs of these kids.

On September 25th and 26th, as a part of the Western Heritage Roundup in Bowie, the “Deep in the Heart of Texas Ranch Rodeo” will be held at the Bowie Rodeo Arena. A fun-filled day of Pokey the Clown Junior Ranch Rodeo, Cowboy Symposium with poets and musical performances, and a Chuckwagon Cookoff are planned for the day. Saturday rodeo competition begins at 6 PM, and Sunday at 2 PM.

David Fenoglio,  Rodeo Committee Chairman, noted, “This promises to be the premier western event of the year in Montague County, with a full slate of entertainment for all ages and interests, and helping meet some critical needs for our kids”.

Ranch rodeo teams can call 940-995-7261 or email “” to enter a team or sponsor events. Tickets to the Gala can be purchased at the Bowie or Nocona Chambers of Commerce,  940-872-1173 or 940-825-3526 respectively, or by contacting Marty at the Donna Howell-Sickles Studio in Saint Jo, 940-995-9447.

To donate an item for auction, please call Kristal Ferguson at 940-867-6180

Clint Brown, Child Welfare Board Chairman, hoping for a large turnout and generous support for these events, added, “Montague County is experiencing a near-epidemic proportion of children needing help, mainly due to meth abuse in our county.  Over 125 children are now in care or under supervision of Child Protective Services.  We all need to join forces in showing support from every town in the county to meet this head-on.

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