We want to spread the word about the mission of our Child Welfare Board to provide Christmas for our Montague County children who are in CPS care. Christmas is supposed to be a magical time for children, full of wonder and anticipation of what gifts will be under the tree on Christmas morning. However, this is also a time of worry and anxiety for children who are suddenly removed from their homes and placed with strangers in another town. These children have already lost so much, their parents, friends, school……everything familiar to them. These children are confused about what is going on in their lives and what is going to happen to them in the future. We can give these children hope that there are better days coming by providing a nice Christmas for them. Something that is normal and expected instead of the constant chaos that has become their life. Montague County has a growing list of children to provide Christmas gifts for. There are 72 children on our list who are in foster care and we are expecting several children to be on the list from CPS Investigations and Family Based Safety Services. These are families who are involved with CPS but their children have not been removed.

As you can imagine, Covid-19 has had a profound affect on these children and also on the Child Welfare Board. The Child Welfare Board has been unable to hold the fund raisers that were planned last spring. We have tried to reschedule, but unfortunately this hasn’t been possible. We are receiving more requests from relative placements than we have in the past. Many of these families have been affected by job loss during the pandemic and they cannot meet the added expense of more children to feed and clothe. Relative placements do not receive the same payments that licensed foster care families receive. They want to care for their relatives’ children rather than have them go into foster care, so they do the best that they can.

We would be very grateful for anything you, or groups you’re associate with , could do to help these families in crisis. Help us put a smile on the faces of our children in foster care on Christmas morning.

Please mail any contributions to Montague County Child Welfare Board, PO Box 343, Montague, Texas 76251


Lorra Lierly, Executive Director

Montague County Child Welfare Board

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