Position: The Montague Country Child Welfare Board (MCCWB) Executive Director will support the MCCWB in its overall mission and strategy through operational and administrative action, fundraising, and communication. The position is part-time, approximately 3 days per week


– Handle all administrative needs of the Board

– Be present two days per week at the Board’s House in Bowie and 1 day at a Nocona Office. Assist with the maintenance and security of the property

– Act as a liaison between the Board and Child Protective Service. Organize distribution of funds to children in CPS care

– Interface with representatives of Patsy’s House who use the CWB office weekly.

– Prepare monthly board briefing materials

– Interface with staff of Treasure to prepare monthly financial statements

– Write monthly internet newsletter promoting board activities, news and events

– Manage and keep websites up to date

– Apprise Board members activities

– Apply for relevant financial grants to aid the Boards direction and mission

– Maintain and oversee Board’s resource room

Fundraising and Public Communication:

– Raise awareness of child abuse and neglect in Montague County

– Coordinate planning and execution of all fundraising activities

– Promote Board activities, mission, and connect with donors through Board website and Facebook. Expand social media presence (Instagram, twitter).

– Identify and secure regular community donors

– Create new and diverse ways to enhance Board fundraising

– Act as media liaison.

– Follow up with past donors and express the Board’s appreciation

– Distribute MCCWB information at public events


– Working technical knowledge (Microsoft Office, managing Web Sites, and Social Media)

– Organizational and administrative skills

– Personable, able to network with community members, donors, and Board

– Grant writing experience

Application Information

If you are interested, please send your resume and references electronically to:

Austin Wright:

Lorra Lierly:

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