On Saturday, September 16th, the Montague County Child Welfare Board, in conjunction with several Montague County Churches and businesses, held the first annual Children’s Fair at the Dave Wiley Memorial Arena in Montague. Those participating in the fair put on several games and activities for over 500 Montague County children free of charge. Activities included, but were not limited to: 3 on 3 basketball, football and baseball throw, mutton busting, bounce houses, a dunking booth, clowns, several races, a petting zoo, and several other activities.

The Fair occurred in place of the annual Western Heritage and Rodeo fundraiser the Child Welfare Board put on in the past. While the Children’s fair was free of charge, numerous businesses and individuals still donated money in support of the Welfare Board in their mission to serve abused and neglected children in Montague County. The transition from the Western Heritage and Rodeo to the Children’s Fair occurred because the board and several community members wanted to throw an event that was children focused. The proverbial statement states that it takes a “entire community to raise children.” The board, the various members of different churches, and the businesses that participated wanted to throw an event that provided space for county children to have a fun day free of charge, but they also wanted to provide an environment for adults and children to relate in a positive and encouraging environment.

Montague County still faces a severe child abuse and neglect problem. The Child Welfare Board wants to get the word out about the problems our children face in hopes to create a community wide effort to change the tide of abuse and neglect. In addition to great games and food, there was also information handed out about how community members from Montague County can become foster or adoptive parents for children in need of a family. Our county has a great need for foster and adoptive families. Several of our County Kids are placed outside of our county because there are not enough families interested and certified to be foster or adoptive parents. If you are interested in becoming a foster or adoptive parent, the Board would like you to contact them for more information.

The event was a phenomenal success. The games, food, and activities were a great hit with our county kids. The Welfare Board is excited about the possibilities this event has for the future.

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