Thanks to the wonderful generosity of  our friends and neighbors in Montague County, and extra special donations from the Eddie Speed Note School in Dallas, we were able to provide a really nice Christmas with wonderful presents to 125 children in the county.

This was aided greatly by a Toy Drive conceived and organized by Morgan Dennis, an Honors Student at Saint Jo High School.  Morgan was able to obtain donations of a literal pickup load of new toys, as well as $700 in gift cards.  These were delivered to Child Protective Services in Bowie for distribution, and Case Workers there were estatic over the great toys.

We continue to help CPS and Patsy’s House with 110 children per month, about half of which have been taken from their parents due to extensive abuse.

We’re planning some dynamic new programs this year with the goals of further  long-range help for these children and programs to help stem the tide of abuse our county experiences

Please help us with this, if you can.

Montague County Child Welfare Board

P. O. Box 343

Montague, Texas  76251

contact us at : or Clint Brown  817 360 0317

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