October 18, 2012

Montague Children Need Christmas Help

The Montague County Child Welfare Board provides Christmas presents every year to over 100 Montague County abused and neglected children who comes to our attention directly or through the Texas Child Protective Services.  Presently there are 110 children on our list, with each child submitting a list of specific items they want for Christmas.  Our Board members and volunteers shop directly for these items, and wrap them for the kids for Christmas.  Without this, these kids would get little or no Christmas, and so this is our attempt to provide at least some level of normalcy to their lives.  They often ask for basic needs……. shoes, clothing, something for their parents or a brother or sister, and usually a small toy.


We usually plan to spend a set amount on each child, based on the age of the child.  For example, ages 0 to 3 years receive gifts totaling $60;  ages 4 to 7 gifts of $100; ages 8 to 12 gifts of $120; and ages 13 to 18 gifts of $170..


Unfortunately, this year many of our events were rained out at the Western Heritage Roundup in Bowie, which provides us half of our annual needed funds.   Since we are experiencing such a shortfall this year, rather than cut back on what we can do for these kids, we ask you if you would adopt a child and provide the funds we need to shop for their Christmas wishes.


Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated, and would play a significant part in making a kid feel loved and wanted at Christmas.


Please contact us at montaguechildren@gmail.com or call Clint Brown, Chairman, at 817/360-0317 and let us know if you can help.

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