Our two major fund-raisers are complete – the Roundup/Rodeo and the Gala.  Both were tremendous successes thanks to the caring and concerned citizens of the county, who continue to be so supportive of our efforts.

We meet the daily needs of the kids and foster parents in our county,  put on a school meth awareness program called “Not Even Once!”, buy Christmas gifts for all the kids, buy birthday gifts for all the kids, sponsor the Heart Gallery to find adoptive parents, and are in the process of buying and helping operate the Patsy’s House Child Advocacy Center in Bowie.

All of this takes a lot of money, and thanks to the wonderful and generous support of our friends in our communities we are able to meet these needs.  Your generosity is overwhelming, especially in this difficult economic time and drought conditions.

The Child Welfare Board humbly thanks you for your help and support!

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