The new Children’s Center is now open at 506 Hulme, Bowie.  The Montague County Child Welfare Board, working with Patsy’s House, has opened this facility in a restored antique home.  This home is staffed by Patsy’s House, and is already the scene of meetings with caregivers and law enforcement.  Children are interviewed here, and court cases prepared for prosecution of those abusing and neglecting these kids.

We need help in keeping this open and fully bringing it up to proper facility standards.  Specific needs include landscaping, playground equipment, office equipment and furniture, window treatment, and snacks to serve kids. The Montague County Master Gardners have agreed to address the landscaping needs, with designs and plants complimenting the design of this home.

It is an expensive operation to keep this facility running, with those costs being borne by the Child Welfare Board and Patsy’s House.  We survive on donations, and any help would be appreciated. 

Over the next year we hope to accumulate funds, through donations and grants, to purchase this facility, which is being leased now.  The Child Welfare Board relies solely on contributions to accomplish our goals of helping these kids. 

On Monday, January 24th, Channel 6 in Wichita Falls ran a special story highlighting our operation and focusing on the problems we’re facing in our county and our needs to meet them.  You may see this and read the story on their website.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.  Any donations may be sent to The Montague County Child Welfare Board, P. O. Box 343, Montague, Texas  76251

Thank you

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